Saint Louis Alabaster White Stoneware Box

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The Ancient Egyptians were the first known civilization to revere alabaster for its translucency and beauty. The mineral lends itself perfectly to intricate carving. Our Alabaster perfectly round covered box is made by a craftsman who have been working in alabaster for centuries. This box a striking addition to the desk, vanity or tabletop. As alabaster is a natural product, please be aware that there will always be variations in veining and color. This is to be expected and makes every alabaster product uniquely your own.
Hand crafted and hand polished from the finest alabaster
Variations in veining and color makes this alabaster product uniquely your own.
 This soft and elegant box is perfect for almost any room in the home from a bathroom, an entryway for keys and a wallet, the bedside for jewelry, as well as for a decorative piece on a shelf.
Covered box
Dust with a dry, soft cloth.
3" H x 6" Dia

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