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Fig & Olive: The Cuisine of the French Riviera

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Laurent Halasz’s Fig & Olive restaurants have seduced diners with fresh, seasonal ingredients and the nest olive oils for the past decade. Raised in Mougins, in the South of France, Halasz was inspired to bring the vibrant flavors and convivial atmosphere of his mother’s kitchen and the cuisines of the French Riviera to locations across the United States.

More than a cookbook, Fig & Olive is an exploration of the Mediterranean table. Halasz shares his passion for olive oil and the cuisine of the South of France and his insider’s tips, from simple techniques to seasonal ingredients to pairing the right olive oils with each dish—such as a fruity and delicate varietal from Château Léoube in Provence; a green fruit and herbal olive oil from Marqués de Griñon, Spain; or a peppery Tuscan olive oil from the Mugelli family. Fig & Olive: The Cuisine of the French Riviera includes more than sixty simple recipes that are sure to delight. These dishes, including the restaurant’s signature zucchini carpaccio and g and gorgonzola tart, whole branzino with rosemary, and green apple and olive oil sorbet, are drawn from the Fig & Olive kitchen and Francine Halasz’s dinner table. With beautiful photographs of each enticing dish and of the spectacular landscape surrounding Mougins, this volume is an essential addition to any food lover’s library.

200 pages
100 illustrations
English language
Released in October 2015
W 9.6 x L 11.29 x D 1.1 in
Spiral-bound hardcover

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